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JW and I love Naniwa-Taro’s Takoyaki. We make sure we always get it whenever we go to asian food festivals during summer. This week, we finally paid our visit to Naniwa-Taro which is located in the food court of T&T supermarket in Scarborough.

First, we ordered Takoyaki (obviously…). The takoyaki was freshly made after we ordered. It was as good as we remembered. The takoyaki was crispy on the outside and melting in the inside. When mixed with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, this little ball always surprise us with multiple layers of flavours. We love it.

2013-12-08 19.20.57

Next, we ordered Hiroshimayaki with pork, squid and shrimp. Hiroshimayaki is a japanese savoury pancake (also know as Okonomiyaki – HERE to see our visit at Okonomi House in Downtown Toronto) served with with a layer of fried noodles.  When I was a kid, I saw Japanese cooking and eating this on some random Japanese TV show. Since then, it has always been my dream to try this. I finally had the chance to do so at Naniwa-Taro. However, I was slightly disappointed.

We did not like the texture of the Hiroshimayaki. It was because the noodles and the pancake had a similar doughy and soft texture. Therefore, you might find the Hiroshimayaki to be a little overwhelming and boring after a few bites. This is especially true when the Hiroshimayaki was drown in the same sauce found in Takoyaki. We think this problem can be improved by panfrying the noodles until it is crispy. This would then create a contrasting texture with the pancake. Also, the pork was a little overcooked as well.

2013-12-08 19.21.59



Although the Hiroshimayaki was not as good as we expected, the takoyaki remains to be our favourite. We will definitely visit again in the near future!

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HI EVERYONE ! Sorry for being MIA for so long but now we are back !

A lot had happened since we last blogged:

we camped @ Grundy Lake


explored caves


went to cottage @ Tobermory ( this place was insanely BEAUTIFUL )


made minion macaroons 

2013-07-07 01.02.10

went back to HK to visit our family & celebrated our 3 year anniversary

2013-08-24 16.17.40

celebrated my birthday where JW made me an ice-cream cake that shaped like an acorn. :)

It was happy life and we hope you all had a great time as well. 

The reason why we stopped blogging for a bit was because we were kind of lost and did not know what to do. We know we want to be different from all the food blogs out there. Instead of just pictures and words, we want to add more interesting features to our blog.

And to be honest, as much as we love eating out, we do enjoy cooking at home a lot too. A lot of the times, we try to make the dishes we had at a restaurant that we loved to much. I cannot express in words how much we love to discuss what to eat, research about the recipe, go to grocery shopping and… just cook it together. :)  (this pretty much sums up all that we do for every weekend. haha ) It is the trial and error process and the time we spend to experiment together that we love so so much.

With that said, we decided to add a new section to our blog where we share the food we cook. We will share where we get our inspirations from, our recipe and other little things that happened when we cooked. We want to transform this blog from just sharing what we eat at a restaurant into what we do.

so please stay tuned :)