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:: Le Cafe Michi

JW and I have been eager to find good japanese restaurants in the uptown area and we came across this hidden gem in Scarborough. Le Cafe Michi is a coffee shop style restaurant run by a family. It famous for its unatama (eel simmered in egg on rice) and cakes.


I ordered their Unatama and JW tried their Cafe Au Lait Chirashi Sushi. All combos come with coffee/green tea that can be refilled, green salad and miso soup. We ordered coffee despite the fact that we were having dinner b/c we knew their coffee are very high in quality.


JW’s assorted sashimi were placed very artistically in a special piece of dinnerware. The sashimi were fresh.  The sushi rice had very little vinegar added to it compared to other japanese restaurants.  Very simpleyet delicious dish.


We found this letter to customers very thoughtful and cute. It basically said they had to raise the price of some of their dishes due to worldwide eel shortage. We understand this perfectly because we have witnessed eel prices going up as well in the last few years.


I LOVE THE UNATAMA. It came with a lot of eels even though they raised the price. The dish was very light in taste despite of the colour of the sauce which was definitely deceiving. Although you expect more flavours to explode in your mouth, the dish served the purpose of bringing out the real flavour of the eels. I prefer it this way instead of drowning the egg in sauce and then all you could taste would be the sauce and nothing else.


We got to pick two pieces of cake to wrap up this amazing meal. We went with green tea cake and tiramisu. Love the green tea cake which had red beans hidden in the cream. Compared to the green tea cake, the tiramisu was certainly not as bright. We can’t wait to try out all of their cakes.

P1070633 P1070632



roasted !

It is worth to note that the portion of the food are fair. We felt satisfied after the meal but not stuffed. Love this place! Can’t wait to go back for more unatama or even a piece of cake to go with a coffee for a nice afternoon tea. Definitely a hidden gem.

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Ryus Noodle Bar

Hi everyone!

Last sunday, JW and I walked around the Baldwin Neighbourhood to grab a quick lunch. Then, we were surprised to find out there was a newly opened ramen restaurant called Ryus Noodle Bar ! Debating between Kinton Ramen (see our review here!) which was a few steps away and this new noodle bar, we couldn’t bring ourselves to miss out something new.

What was even more exited is that…we took our very first video using the new instagram video function!! Take a look and you can have a glimpse of the interior of the restaurant and their food :) Follow us on instagram @theroasteadacorn for more videos in the future!

When we first walked into the restaurant, it was quite empty, partially because they had only opened for a week or so and it was 4pm. Also, there wasn’t air conditioner so it was kind of hot and humid inside the restaurant even though it was a rainy, cool sunday. I cannot imagine how hot it will be when eating a hot ramen there in a hot summer day.

photo 1-1

In Ryus Noodle Bar, a special oil or sauce will be served along with your ramen. Half way into your ramen, you can add the sauce/oil and it is supposed to give you a different flavour. Interesting.

photo 4-1

JW ordered the the AAA Roast Beef Ramen with Shoyu Sauce with seasoned house spicy oil.

photo 1

:: Normally, pork is served with ramen. The roasted beef was an interesting twist and the taste and texture went pretty well with the ramen. The beef was tender and we could taste the black pepper that was lying on top. What surprised us the most was that it came with TRUFFLE OIL mixed with salt !!  Although delicious, it is better to treat the beef was a side dish as the truffle oil will disappear once dipped into the soup.

:: The ramen and broth were very generic and nothing special.The spicy oil had a hint of sesame oil and it smelt delicious. We actually couldn’t wait until we finished half of the noodle to add the spicy oil. Once we added it, the ramen transformed and gave it a wow factor. Although not very strong in taste, the spicy oil gave a nice change in flavour from the ordinary broth.

I ordered Seasonal Shoyu Ramen with garlic & shallot oil. Again, nothing special with the ramen and broth. But the garlic oil was to die for  ( I am sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the garlic oil. Please watch the video as I caught a shot of it !). It smelt and tasted amazing and again transformed the ramen into something extraordinary. Also, we actually enjoyed mixing the two oil together.

photo 4



We like the special oil/sauce idea very much. We would probably add the oil at the beginning next time.

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Okonomi House


After reading BlogTO’s article about Toronto’s Best Japanese Restaurants, we paid Okonomi House a visit. Okonomi House specializes in okonomiyaki, traditional japanese savoury pancakes. This is very different from all the japanese restaurants we go to. We were also surprised to find out that this restaurant has exceptionally high rating.


Located in the heart of downtown, this restaurant is pretty small but very home-like. As usual, we requested to sit at the bar.


JW ordered their scallop okonomiyaki without onions and I had the shrimp okonomiyaki.  We also added dried seaweed and bonito flakes for a dollar that came on the side.


Overall, I really enjoyed the okonomiyaki. It basically tasted exactly like takoyaki but in a pancake form. The onion in the pancake elevated the otherwise doughiness/blant texture to something more crispy.  Thus, compared to JW’s okonomiyaki which didn’t have onions, mine definitely had more interesting texture and didn’t taste as heavy (partly because of the shrimps as well) . We also highly recommend one to pay an extra dollar to get the dried seaweed and bonito flakes as they added another dimension of flavour that complemented the okonomiyaki sauce very well.

On the other hand, although the seafood in our okonomiyaki was definitely lighter and more refreshing compared to other meat options, they didn’t have much flavour.  Thus, we think that meat would add more flavour to the okonomiyaki and we will try that ourselves next time!

The okonomiyaki was  not very filling as JW claimed he was “still hungry” after eating the entire pancake. Some of our friends claimed they would order another rice to go with the okonomiyaki. But for me, I felt very satisfied.



Definitely a gem! Cheap eat in downtown. We will definitely visit again when we crave for okonomiyaki.

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Kinton Ramen

We actually visited Kinton long time ago when they just opened about a year ago. To be honest, it was not the most impressive ramen experience we had. Also, the online review and rating of Kinton are not that great so we never visited it again. However, we got to know a few friends who LOVE Kinton. By love, I mean they are “Kinton Bowlers” and I can see them on my facebook newsfeed EVERY TIME they visited Kinton – “xxxx’s 34th time”. JW and I are curious why they are so in love with Kinton so we decided to give it a shot again.

photo 1

Like all other ramen restaurants, Kinton gives you the luxury of choosing a light,  regular or rich broth as well as the fattiness of your pork. You can go for a lighter pork shoulder or a heavier pork belly. Interestingly, when JW requested to have his noodles to be harder/firmer, the server said it cannot be done because their noodles are very thick and its already very firm.

photo 2

JW’s cousin ordered the Miso Ramen with pork shoulder and a regular broth. I ordered the Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce) with pork shoulder and a ligher broth. Overall, the broth was delicious but not as rich as other ramen restaurants. The pork shoulders were nicely torched, thus locking the juice and fat inside the meat. Very tender and juicy. Despite of my choice of a ligher broth, the broth was still very flavourful and I enjoyed it a lot as I often find ramen broth to be a little salty and heavy for me. The seasoned egg that came with my Shoyu ramen was like the cherry on top as the half boiled yolk thickened the broth.

However, the noodles were too hard that I thought it was uncooked after my first bite. This is true because the noodles were slightly thicker than normal ones thus giving its hardness and “chewiness”. For people like JW who likes his noodles to be harder, Kinton’s ramen would be perfect for him. But for people like me who like their noodles to be normal, this would be too hard.

photo 3

photo 4

JW had the Garlic Spicy Ramen with pork belly and a rich broth. At first, we were worried that the ramen would be too spicy. Yet, while every sip of the broth was deliciously filled with amazing taste of garlic as you can see the generous amount of minced garlic in the picture, the spiciness was rather blunt and weak. Overall, the broth did not have enough taste.

photo 5



JW and I had a difficult time deciding whether Kinton Ramen is roasted or not. JW likes the hard noodles and how the spicy ramen was not too spicy but I am not a big fan of their noodles. The broth was delicious but it lacks flavour. Compared to other ramen restaurants, Kinton ramen was not the best among them all yet it is still a nice addition to Toronto’s ramen restaurants. If we are nearby/ within walking distance, we would visit again. But if we have other choices like Santouka, we would possibly opt for that.

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Ema-Tei Japanese Restaurant

We brought my cousin who was visiting us from New York to Ema-Tei. The reason why we chose Ema-Tei was because most japanese restaurants offer only little dishes that are hard to share between a large group of people. But Ema-Tei’s sukiyaki solves this problem. Also, it encourages interaction between people as you help people to add and get what they want. This is what I always look for when dining with a group of friends.


:: The beef and a variety of vegetable came on a plate uncooked along with a gas stove and heated pan. Then, the server would place about 1/3 of the food on the heated pan and add the sukiyaki sauce into it. They were ready to serve when the sauce was heated up and the food was cooked. According to your own pace and preferences, you can slowly add the rest of the food into the pan afterwards.

It is highly recommended to share this dish with at least 3-4 four people even though it is intended for two (according to their menu). JW and I tried eating the sukiyaki once with just us two and we were very very stuffed after that.

photo 4

Although these were not the best beef, they were still very tender. The vegetable was delicious after absorbing all the flavour from the sauce. Generally, sukiyaki sauce is mix of mirin sauce, soya sauce, sake and plenty of sugar and hence its saltiness and sweetness. It is very tasty however it can be very salty after awhile. Therefore, we had to add diluted sukiyaki sauce to dilute the saltiness (given to us at the beginning). At the same time, we preferred serving the sukiyaki with rice to balance out the strong flavour. Overall, I really enjoyed the sukiyaki. However, it is noted that the sauce didn’t taste exactly the same every time we visited Ema-Tei.

2013-05-25 21.17.49

We also ordered sushi and grilled mackerel. They were well done and lived up to our expectations.

photo 2

photo 1



Ema-Tei is one of the traditional japanese restaurants found in Toronto. We like to visit it every now and then for their sukiyaki and curry! Also, it is not too hard to get a table when you walk in at 7-8pm. Therefore, Ema-Tei will continue to be one of our favourite places for some japanese food other than ramen and sushi.

OH ONE MORE THING! We are now on instagram! Since we can get a little lazy with updating the blog sometimes, JW and I decided to join instagram to post pictures and give instant review of the food we had which can range from restaurants to street food. So follow us on instagram @theroastedacorn. For those who don’t have instagram, you can still meet us at ! See you there!

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Guu Izakaya (lunch)

Guu has recently started offering lunch from Monday to Friday! This is such a great news for us since JW and I are such hardcore fans of Guu. Arriving around 1:30pm, 30 mins before their last order, we were surprised to see Guu, a place where it is always overly-crowded, being half emptied. It was quite a view.

2013-05-17 13.26.13


Compared to their dinner menu, their lunch menu offers only a limited number of items. All of their dishes came on a tray along with Miso soup and other little dishes. We had three of their dishes:

Saba Miso (simmered mackerel with miso sauce)

:: While mackerel can easily be overcooked and too dry, Guu’s Saba Miso was nicely done. The mackerel absorbed all the flavour in the miso sauce but remained its juiciness and softness. It was delicious!


2013-05-17 14.20.14

2013-05-17 14.21.48


Gyu Don (Sukiyaki beef on rice topped with half boiled egg)

:: Excuse the half emptied bowl of rice. We were too excited to see the egg lying on top of the sea of beef that we forgot to take a picture until we were half way into it. The half boiled egg “glued” the beef and the rice together, creating a very creamy texture. The beef was deliciously tender and juicy with a strong taste of onion. It was very good.

2013-05-17 14.03.38

Chirashi Don (Assorted fresh sashimi on sushi rice)

:: The chirashi don came with salmon, tuna, scallop and salmon caviar. The fish was very fresh. Nothing really crazy special though.

2013-05-17 13.44.18

2013-05-17 13.44.44




:: All the dishes were nicely done and lived up to our expectations. However, it failed to give us that wow factor when we first visited Guu. Nevertheless, it is still a great place to grab a lunch in downtown (A great alternative to all those ramen restaurants in downtown!).

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ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Zakkushi

Sorry for the long overdue update everyone!

JW and I had been incredibly busy in april with projects and exams. Right after that, we went on a vacation to Cuba for a week to relax and spend some precious time together. Now that we are back in Toronto and things are not as tensed as before, I promise we will update more often! We have a few restaurants to try out in mind already so stay tuned!

But before things got really intense, we went to visit Zakkushi, a yakitori speciality restaurant from Vancouver. Overall , we really like this restaurant. The atmosphere was lively. The servers were extremely helpful. They introduced all the skewers when they arrived our table. Also, I got some sauce on my white blouse and a server noticed and brought me soda water to clean it off. Much appreciated!




We began our meal with nankotsu (deep fried chicken knee cartilage), Agedashi Tofu and Amaebi Karrage (deep fried sweet prawn w/ Sansho salt). All of their deep fried items were very well done. They were crispy and flavourful without being too salty and oily. Love them!

Then we had some yakitori!


We had Chicken thigh, Chicken Wing and Asparagus wrapped with pork. These three were pretty generic and not that impressive. They were not bad but we will probably try something else next time.


The Tsukune (Chicken meat ball) was surprisingly good. We had the original one at first and the chicken was juicy and the texture was very interesting. We reordered two with melted cheese and Grated Daikon & Ponzu sauce. Yet we still think the original one was the best.


We also had Wagyu Beef and G beef (beef with Terriyaki sauce & garlic chips). The wagyu beef was more tendered and had more natural flavour of the beef. Definitely worth the price.


We also had Premium Beef Tongue, Unagi and Chicken skin. JW said the chicken skin was rather tasteless. We really enjoyed the unagi but found it a little pricy compared to other skewers. Unlike beef itself, the beef tongue was rather light and had a softer texture. I recommend it to all the ladies out there who find beef to be rather heavy.


I love my yakioni (grilled rice). We had both the Shoyu (soy sauce) or Butter Shoyu (better soy sauce) yakioni. The whole thing tasted just like plain rice, even the grilled part. However, it went pretty well with the unagi which was slightly salty. But we will not order it next time.


We also tried their Oden with Chlkuwa (fish cake) and Daikon (carrot). We liked the sauce a lot. Very delicious.


Next, we had their takoyaki. The outer layer was very crispy while the inside was melting. Love it!


Lastly, we had their Ochazuke with salmon flakes. To be honest, I still haven’t tried an ochazuke that is as good as the one I had in Japan last year. The broth of all the ones I have in Toronto (including this one) were rather tasteless and it felt like the rice was simply soaked in a slightly salted broth. I am still on a hunt for one that is comparable to the one I had in Japan! Please tell me if you guys have any recommendations!

We ended our meal with two amazing desserts!


Kinako mochi ice cream was my favourite! The mochi was slightly warmed and very chewy and went really well with the maple syrup. With the coldness of the ice cream, they created a very interesting and contrasting experience in the mouth. I will definitely reorder this next time I visit Zakkushi!


We also had the Dorayaki Matcha ice cream. Dorayaki is like a must have in like all yakotori or tappenyaki restaurants. Yet, we didn’t like the one in Zakkushi because the pancake was rather dense and hard. It did not go very well with the ice cream.



We had a really enjoyable dining experience an Zakkushi! Although not all the food was perfect, there were some extraordinary items that we looked forward to try again soon. We will definitely visit again!

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