ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Le Cafe Michi

JW and I have been eager to find good japanese restaurants in the uptown area and we came across this hidden gem in Scarborough. Le Cafe Michi is a coffee shop style restaurant run by a family. It famous for its unatama (eel simmered in egg on rice) and cakes.


I ordered their Unatama and JW tried their Cafe Au Lait Chirashi Sushi. All combos come with coffee/green tea that can be refilled, green salad and miso soup. We ordered coffee despite the fact that we were having dinner b/c we knew their coffee are very high in quality.


JW’s assorted sashimi were placed very artistically in a special piece of dinnerware. The sashimi were fresh.  The sushi rice had very little vinegar added to it compared to other japanese restaurants.  Very simpleyet delicious dish.


We found this letter to customers very thoughtful and cute. It basically said they had to raise the price of some of their dishes due to worldwide eel shortage. We understand this perfectly because we have witnessed eel prices going up as well in the last few years.


I LOVE THE UNATAMA. It came with a lot of eels even though they raised the price. The dish was very light in taste despite of the colour of the sauce which was definitely deceiving. Although you expect more flavours to explode in your mouth, the dish served the purpose of bringing out the real flavour of the eels. I prefer it this way instead of drowning the egg in sauce and then all you could taste would be the sauce and nothing else.


We got to pick two pieces of cake to wrap up this amazing meal. We went with green tea cake and tiramisu. Love the green tea cake which had red beans hidden in the cream. Compared to the green tea cake, the tiramisu was certainly not as bright. We can’t wait to try out all of their cakes.

P1070633 P1070632



roasted !

It is worth to note that the portion of the food are fair. We felt satisfied after the meal but not stuffed. Love this place! Can’t wait to go back for more unatama or even a piece of cake to go with a coffee for a nice afternoon tea. Definitely a hidden gem.

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