ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Ryus Noodle Bar

Hi everyone!

Last sunday, JW and I walked around the Baldwin Neighbourhood to grab a quick lunch. Then, we were surprised to find out there was a newly opened ramen restaurant called Ryus Noodle Bar ! Debating between Kinton Ramen (see our review here!) which was a few steps away and this new noodle bar, we couldn’t bring ourselves to miss out something new.

What was even more exited is that…we took our very first video using the new instagram video function!! Take a look and you can have a glimpse of the interior of the restaurant and their food :) Follow us on instagram @theroasteadacorn for more videos in the future!

When we first walked into the restaurant, it was quite empty, partially because they had only opened for a week or so and it was 4pm. Also, there wasn’t air conditioner so it was kind of hot and humid inside the restaurant even though it was a rainy, cool sunday. I cannot imagine how hot it will be when eating a hot ramen there in a hot summer day.

photo 1-1

In Ryus Noodle Bar, a special oil or sauce will be served along with your ramen. Half way into your ramen, you can add the sauce/oil and it is supposed to give you a different flavour. Interesting.

photo 4-1

JW ordered the the AAA Roast Beef Ramen with Shoyu Sauce with seasoned house spicy oil.

photo 1

:: Normally, pork is served with ramen. The roasted beef was an interesting twist and the taste and texture went pretty well with the ramen. The beef was tender and we could taste the black pepper that was lying on top. What surprised us the most was that it came with TRUFFLE OIL mixed with salt !!  Although delicious, it is better to treat the beef was a side dish as the truffle oil will disappear once dipped into the soup.

:: The ramen and broth were very generic and nothing special.The spicy oil had a hint of sesame oil and it smelt delicious. We actually couldn’t wait until we finished half of the noodle to add the spicy oil. Once we added it, the ramen transformed and gave it a wow factor. Although not very strong in taste, the spicy oil gave a nice change in flavour from the ordinary broth.

I ordered Seasonal Shoyu Ramen with garlic & shallot oil. Again, nothing special with the ramen and broth. But the garlic oil was to die for  ( I am sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the garlic oil. Please watch the video as I caught a shot of it !). It smelt and tasted amazing and again transformed the ramen into something extraordinary. Also, we actually enjoyed mixing the two oil together.

photo 4



We like the special oil/sauce idea very much. We would probably add the oil at the beginning next time.

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