ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Okonomi House


After reading BlogTO’s article about Toronto’s Best Japanese Restaurants, we paid Okonomi House a visit. Okonomi House specializes in okonomiyaki, traditional japanese savoury pancakes. This is very different from all the japanese restaurants we go to. We were also surprised to find out that this restaurant has exceptionally high rating.


Located in the heart of downtown, this restaurant is pretty small but very home-like. As usual, we requested to sit at the bar.


JW ordered their scallop okonomiyaki without onions and I had the shrimp okonomiyaki.  We also added dried seaweed and bonito flakes for a dollar that came on the side.


Overall, I really enjoyed the okonomiyaki. It basically tasted exactly like takoyaki but in a pancake form. The onion in the pancake elevated the otherwise doughiness/blant texture to something more crispy.  Thus, compared to JW’s okonomiyaki which didn’t have onions, mine definitely had more interesting texture and didn’t taste as heavy (partly because of the shrimps as well) . We also highly recommend one to pay an extra dollar to get the dried seaweed and bonito flakes as they added another dimension of flavour that complemented the okonomiyaki sauce very well.

On the other hand, although the seafood in our okonomiyaki was definitely lighter and more refreshing compared to other meat options, they didn’t have much flavour.  Thus, we think that meat would add more flavour to the okonomiyaki and we will try that ourselves next time!

The okonomiyaki was  not very filling as JW claimed he was “still hungry” after eating the entire pancake. Some of our friends claimed they would order another rice to go with the okonomiyaki. But for me, I felt very satisfied.



Definitely a gem! Cheap eat in downtown. We will definitely visit again when we crave for okonomiyaki.

Okonomi House on Urbanspoon


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