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:: Kinton Ramen

We actually visited Kinton long time ago when they just opened about a year ago. To be honest, it was not the most impressive ramen experience we had. Also, the online review and rating of Kinton are not that great so we never visited it again. However, we got to know a few friends who LOVE Kinton. By love, I mean they are “Kinton Bowlers” and I can see them on my facebook newsfeed EVERY TIME they visited Kinton – “xxxx’s 34th time”. JW and I are curious why they are so in love with Kinton so we decided to give it a shot again.

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Like all other ramen restaurants, Kinton gives you the luxury of choosing a light,  regular or rich broth as well as the fattiness of your pork. You can go for a lighter pork shoulder or a heavier pork belly. Interestingly, when JW requested to have his noodles to be harder/firmer, the server said it cannot be done because their noodles are very thick and its already very firm.

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JW’s cousin ordered the Miso Ramen with pork shoulder and a regular broth. I ordered the Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce) with pork shoulder and a ligher broth. Overall, the broth was delicious but not as rich as other ramen restaurants. The pork shoulders were nicely torched, thus locking the juice and fat inside the meat. Very tender and juicy. Despite of my choice of a ligher broth, the broth was still very flavourful and I enjoyed it a lot as I often find ramen broth to be a little salty and heavy for me. The seasoned egg that came with my Shoyu ramen was like the cherry on top as the half boiled yolk thickened the broth.

However, the noodles were too hard that I thought it was uncooked after my first bite. This is true because the noodles were slightly thicker than normal ones thus giving its hardness and “chewiness”. For people like JW who likes his noodles to be harder, Kinton’s ramen would be perfect for him. But for people like me who like their noodles to be normal, this would be too hard.

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JW had the Garlic Spicy Ramen with pork belly and a rich broth. At first, we were worried that the ramen would be too spicy. Yet, while every sip of the broth was deliciously filled with amazing taste of garlic as you can see the generous amount of minced garlic in the picture, the spiciness was rather blunt and weak. Overall, the broth did not have enough taste.

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JW and I had a difficult time deciding whether Kinton Ramen is roasted or not. JW likes the hard noodles and how the spicy ramen was not too spicy but I am not a big fan of their noodles. The broth was delicious but it lacks flavour. Compared to other ramen restaurants, Kinton ramen was not the best among them all yet it is still a nice addition to Toronto’s ramen restaurants. If we are nearby/ within walking distance, we would visit again. But if we have other choices like Santouka, we would possibly opt for that.

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